Абиров Р.Ж.

Applying of the associative polymer solutions to enhance oil recovery

Purpose of this report to inform the petroleum readership of recent advances in areas of the associative polymer flooding. Polymer flooding is the industrial enhanced oil recovery method, which successfully has applied in various types of reservoirs. The polymer flooding for high-temperature and high-salinity reservoir faces enormous challenges. Hydrolyzed polymer has been used as the main polymer type for the polymer flooding. Now researchers have turned their attention to associative polymer solutions. This report presents an overview of the associative polymer flooding.

The associative polymer flooding: an experimental study

This study investigates the sandpack displacement of low viscosity oil (1.68 cP) by brine and aqueous solutions of associative polymers. Polymer fooding has been thoroughly investigated in many laboratory and feld tests. Polymer fooding is one of the most widely used enhanced oil recovery (EOR) methods. The method of polymer fooding is not used for development of oil felds with gas caps, fractured reservoirs, high permeability and active bottom-water drive. In the application of polymer fooding, coefcient of oil recovery is increased by 3–10%.